In Vivo Eye Irritation Test

The method is based on the assessment of the degree of eye damage after local exposure to a potential irritant. The occurrence of lesions of the conjunctiva, cornea, and/or iris, as well as other adverse systemic effects, is assessed at specific intervals after application of the test substance. The in vivo animal test is considered after conducting in vitro testing, or in accordance with the OECD 405 recommendations. 

Service details: In a typical design,  albino rabbits are used. The test is performed initially using one animal, and the single local test substance applied to the pre-anesthetized animal is performed. If a corrosive effect is not observed after treatment, the animal continues to be observed for 14 days. In case of irritation, the animal is monitored for at least 21 days.  Two additional animals are used for test result confirmation, and two for Vehicle testing. Individual scores (with digital recording) of eye irritation are carried out depending on the nature and severity of the lesions, as well as their reversibility (for 5 minutes, 1, 3, and 6 hours after treatment, and twice a day in post-treatment period). Signs of swelling, hyperemia, ulceration, hemorrhage, chemosis, and others for conjunctiva, cornea, and iris are scored. Clinical signs of systemic toxicity and body weight are tested twice a week. Specific tests, such as histopathology, are available on request.