In Vivo Research Facility

Bienta’s state-of-the-art Laboratory Animal Research Centre was established in late 2018 to meet the escalating need for high-quality in vivo pharmacokinetic and toxicology studies in rodents. Spanning over 7000 square feet of laboratory space, our facilities are meticulously equipped and maintained, adhering to the highest industry standards.

We take the well-being of our research animals seriously and prioritize their care and comfort. Our dedicated team ensures that our animal housing conditions surpass the rigorous recommendations set forth by the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC). Rigorous monitoring protocols are in place to safeguard the health and welfare of our animal subjects at all times.

By upholding these stringent standards and investing in advanced facilities, we are fully equipped to conduct groundbreaking research, enabling us to provide our clients with exceptional scientific insights and reliable data.

At Bienta, we are committed to advancing the field of in vivo research through excellence, innovation, and the highest ethical standards.

Our in-house core breeding unit can produce approximately 1200 animals per month.  A stock of 9 various mice and rat strains were imported and maintained, in particular:

Mice strains: 

  • Balb/cAnN
  • C57BL/6J
  • CD1(ICR)
  • NMRI(Han)
  • C3H/HeOuJ
  • CD1-Foxn1nu

Rats strains:

  • Wistar
  • Sprague Dawley
  • SHR

Other animals: (hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils) are available on request.

At Bienta’s Laboratory Animal Research Centre, we prioritize the well-being and optimal living conditions of our animals. Our commitment to their comfort and safety is reflected in our meticulous housing practices.

To ensure the utmost comfort, our animals are typically housed in pairs or suitable groupings within specially designed cages. These cages are thoughtfully selected to provide a comfortable environment for our animal residents. Furthermore, we maintain strict monitoring and control measures for temperature, humidity, and light/darkness cycles to create an ideal habitat for their well-being.

The Bienta Animal Facility stands as a stronghold of protection, safeguarding both the animals and our dedicated staff from potential risks and contamination. Our facility incorporates robust air ventilation barriers to maintain a secure environment. This comprehensive approach ensures the safety and integrity of our animal subjects throughout their stay.

Our commitment to ethical animal research is ingrained in every aspect of our operations. All studies conducted at Bienta undergo a thorough review by our Institutional Bienta’s Animal Care and Use Committee (BACUC), adhering to the principles of the 3Rs (replacement, reduction, refinement). We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards outlined in the International Guiding Principles for Biomedical Research Involving Animals.

At Bienta’s Animal Facility, our team of professionals comprises biologists, geneticists, veterinarians, and skilled animal technicians. They possess the expertise necessary to provide comprehensive care for our animal residents. Their responsibilities encompass various aspects, including general animal maintenance, breeding programs, acclimatization of new arrivals, inspections, experimental support, and project coordination. This diverse skill set ensures the well-being and welfare of our animal subjects at every stage of their involvement in research.

As a testament to our commitment to scientific excellence and flexibility, we are also capable of accommodating special experimental designs by importing and maintaining additional strains as per the specific requirements and demands of our valued customers.

We offer:

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