Bioanalytical Laboratory is established to provide common in vitro ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicity) tests as well as pharmacokinetics studies in small animals either separately or as a component of integrated drug discovery projects including screening and/or medicinal chemistry services by Enamine.


Three complete triple quadrupole LC-MS/MS systems (ShimadzuVP HPLC – AB Sciex API3000) and all the accessory equipment needed for sample workup and analysis, including spectrophotometers/plate readers and liquid handlers for ADME automation. See ADMET and Pharmacokinetics section for a comprehensive list of services and tests.

Bioanalytical Laboratory at Bienta operates according to the standard international quality control practices and has a permit from Ukrainian regulatory agencies to provide analytical support for clinical trial PK/bioequivalence studies in humans. Bienta does not have formal international GLP certification at this time, but we operate in GLP-like manner.

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