The growing Bienta currently employs 18 FTEs and is capable of performing High Throughput Screening with a broad variety of biochemical and cell-based assays (click Molecular Screening (HTS) services section for the list of assay capabilities).


7 robotic liquid handlers (Thermo, Beckman-Coulter, CyBio), 8 multifunctional plate readers (Molecular Devices, Tecan, BMG), including the state-of-the-art SpectraMax® Paradigm®  (MD) and the PHERAstar® FSX (BMG) readers, as well as all accessory equipment (multichannel dispensers, stackers, shakers, incubators, etc.), to allow handling of a large variety of screening assays in mid- to high-throughput mode;

– FLIPR® (Fluorometric Imaging Plate Reader) Tetra High Throughput Cellular Screening System (Molecular Devices) is a screening tool of choice for GPCRs and certain ion channels. The system can be used with both fluorescent and luminescent assays;

Protein Thermal Shift Screening Platform (or Differential Scanning Fluorimetry): ViiA™ 7 System integrated with Twister® II Robot (both from Applied Biosystems).

– Fully equipped cell culture room (2 laminar biosafety cabinets, 3 CO2 incubators, microscopes, centrifuges, LN2 cell storage)

– Quick access to Enamine’s ~2,000,000 collection of screening compounds and synthetic chemistry support for hit-to-lead optimization.

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