Protein Thermal Shift Screening (Differential Scanning Fluorimetry)

Protein Thermal Shift (PTS) assay (also called Thermofluor or Differential Scanning Fluorimetry) is a straightforward biophysical method allowing detection of direct binding of tested compounds to the target protein in high-throughput screening mode. PTS is a simple, label-free HTS technology applicable to most soluble proteins, irrespectively of their functions and activities.

Bienta/Enamine offers convenient and customizable integrated services for running PTS-based HTS screens on the target protein of client’s choice as well as progressing the drug discovery projects into Hit-To-Lead and Lead Optimization phases. Our high-productivity ViiA 7 System (Applied Biosystems) allows us to screen 15 000+ compounds/week. Our PTS screening campaigns can be integrated with various attractive options:

  • Since PTS is a relatively high protein consumption method, we can provide our customers with on-site recombinant protein expression and purification service;
  • Affordable fee-based access to the chemically diverse Hit Selector Library of 500,000 compounds, available immediately off-the-shelf;
  • Chemoinformatics and molecular modeling support for target- or ligand-based screening set selection;
  • Validation of primary PTS hits in various functional/orthogonal assays;
  • Quick hit expansion follow-up using Enamine’s collection of 2,000,000+ compounds;
  • Integrated transition from Hit Finding into Hit-To-Lead and Lead Optimization stages employing Enamine’s Medicinal Chemistry and Bienta’s  ADMET/DMPK and secondary assay support.