Enamine is the world’s largest supplier of drug-like molecules for drug discovery research. In 2011, Enamine announced opening a contract research laboratory (CRO) for biological screening and ADMET testing services at its leading research site in Kyiv, Ukraine. Since June 2013, Enamine’s biological testing services are offered under a trademark of Bienta. Bienta provides biomolecular screening and ADMET services for drug discovery and integrates closely with Enamine’s powerful synthetic chemistry and screening compound collection platform. The Bienta Laboratory Animal Research Center is a service created to meet the needs of academic and industrial customers in the field of in vivo early preclinical research. We provide a wide range of customized in vivo models for toxicity and efficacy testing of drug candidates.

“Bien” has the meanings of “good,” “proper,” or “benefit” in Spanish and French. Indeed, by entrusting your early-stage drug discovery projects to Bienta, you are putting them in good hands. Please take a look at the list of our services to learn how we can provide you with reliable and time and cost-effective hit finding, hit-to-lead, as well as lead optimization support.