ADMET and Pharmacokinetics

Bioanalytical Laboratory at Bienta offers a broad variety of in vitro ADME-Tox tests as well as pharmacokinetics studies in small animals.

The latest version of the Bienta Preclinical Services Catalog is available here .

Current ADME-Tox Capabilities

Physico-Chemical Properties

In vitro metabolism

In vitro permeability

Protein binding studies

In vitro toxicity studies

Animal studies

We are constantly expanding the list of standard analytical services offered. In addition, our experienced bioanalytical group can develop custom services according to the client’s specifications. Entrusting ADMET/PK testing to Bienta is a natural choice for the chemistry clients of Enamine since it translates into the inherent time- and cost savings to the customer.

We also work with any compounds shipped in from the outside, full confidentiality guaranteed.