HitLocator Library for efficient HTS campaigns at Bienta

Since the end of 2015, we are offering HitLocator Library (HLL) consisting of 511,360 compounds for contractual HTS campaigns at Bienta.
HLL is a carefully selected representation of the whole Enamine’s collection of more than 2,000,000 chemical compounds. HLL compounds were selected by applying chemical diversity and drug-likeness criteria and using extensive medchem filtering. HLL has an intelligently clustered design consisting of 5 “core” and 12 “radial” sets of 30,080 compounds each, which allows implementing screening strategies customized to the needs and budgets of any academic or industrial client. Bienta has already carried out productive hit finding campaigns on both the subsets and the whole HitLocator Library. HLL hits can be rapidly transformed to leads via hit expansion using the entire 2+ million off-the-shelf compounds, as well as multiple parallel synthesis from Enamine’s RealDatabase and focused Enamine-specific synthetic chemistry.