Enamine, EMBL Agree to Library Synthesis and Drug Discovery Services Collaboration

Enamine and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) agreed to a collaboration through which Enamine will provide library synthesis, medicinal chemistry, and biological services for EMBL’s small-molecule cancer drug discovery programs. Enamine will establish a team of full-time equivalent medicinal chemists to work on the project, which is focused on the development of cancer therapeutics with novel mechanisms of action, the organizations state.

EMBL has an existing relationship with Enamine. “We have been working with Enamine for several years, primarily to enhance the chemical space of our internal screening library,” explained Joe Lewis, Ph.D., head of Chemical Biology Core Facility at EMBL. “We realized quickly that their 2 million plus compound collection provides quality compounds allowing an increase in the chemical diversity of our screening deck.”

David Will, Ph.D., head of Medicinal Chemistry at EMBL, added, “This collaboration with Enamine will be pivotal for the success of our project for identifying targets from phenotypic screens and synthesizing and triaging new patentable preclinical compounds. Their agility and flexibility with access to the world’s largest collection of building blocks in stock at Enamine and integration of chemistry with a comprehensive biology service portfolio perfectly fit our goal of nominating a preclinical development candidate by 2018.”