IPAB Contest Results Publication in Nature Sci.Rep.

Just out of print: an article with the results of IPAB* contest in Japan was published in Nature Scientific Reports. A compound library was originally provided by Enamine Ltd. and contained 2,382,017 of the stock compounds. In this work, BIENTA performed high-throughput screening of the compounds, based on inhibition activity and results. The screening was conducted in three steps consisting of the first screening, the second screening, and the IC50 determination.

*Initiative for Parallel Bioinformatics (IPAB) was founded in 1999 and is a formal non-profit organization (registered at Tokyo metropolitan government). IPAB is a group of individual researchers and private companies aiming at contributing to the research and industrialization of bioinformatics and biomedical computing, by means of state-of-the-art information technologies, like as parallel processing, Grid technology, machine learning, knowledge processing, etc.  IPAB aims to offer a framework and opportunities for exchanging information between members and to propel joint research and development of new interdisciplinary technologies. The Initiative is also aiming at producing prototype software and systems delivered from IPAB, and proposing wide collaborative research projects for public funding opportunities.