About Bienta

Bienta is a trademark for preclinical biology services of Enamine, the world’s largest supplier of drug-like molecules for drug discovery research. Bienta is operating as a Contract Research Organisation providing biomolecular screening (HTS) services as well as comprehensive bioanalytical support of drug discovery projects, including in vitro ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, toxicity) testing as well as pharmacokinetics (PK) and toxicity studies in animals.

Time- and Cost-Effective Screening

Rapid direct access to the vast Enamine’s off-the shelf compound collection (Screening Collection) and Enamine’s explored virtual chemical space for drug-like structures (REAL Database™),  in combination with the powerful in-house chemoinformatics and molecular modeling, enables an exceptionally efficient iterative screening, making it possible to step forward from in silico screening sets to the lead generation stage in weeks.

High Throughput Screening & ADME-Tox Services

HTS Lab at Bienta is a well-equipped screening facility with a broad range of robotic liquid handling and signal readout technology capabilities as well as the capacity to run both biochemical and cell-based assays in 384-well plate format. Bioanalytical Lab is established to provide all common in vitro ADMET tests as well as analytical support of pharmacokinetics and animal tox services.

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News & Events

Bienta at MIPTEC 2014

Bienta will be participating at MIPTEC 2014 conference, September 23-25, Basel, Switzerland. Meet us there! Our team member, Ihor Zahanich, will be presenting a poster “Pharmacological characterization of potent and selective Free Fatty Acid Receptor 1 (FFA1/GPR40) agonists for the treatment of type 2 diabetes”.  Author list: Ihor Zahanich, Olexandr Vasylchenko, Yuri Kheylik, Yulia Tokareva, Roman Moriev, Maxim Platonov,...

Differential Scanning Fluorimetry technology is now at Bienta

Introducing a new technology which is planned to be extensively used for screening projects at Bienta. Differential Scanning Fluorimetry (DSF, TSA) is a powerful biophysical method based on detecting the shifts in protein denaturation temperature upon ligand binding as reported by fluorescent dye interacting with protein core exposed by heat denaturation. DSF is a simple, label-free HTS technology applicable...

ASMC 2013

Feb 14, 2013  You are welcome to visit our booth and meet representatives of Enamine&Bienta Sales team at ASMC 2013 (5 – 8...

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