About Bienta

Bienta is a trademark for preclinical biology services of Enamine, the world’s largest supplier of drug-like molecules for drug discovery research. Bienta is operating as a Contract Research Organisation (CRO) providing biomolecular screening (HTS) services as well as comprehensive bioanalytical support of drug discovery projects, including in vitro ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, toxicity) testing as well as pharmacokinetics (PK) and toxicity studies in animals.

Time- and Cost-Effective Screening

Rapid direct access to the vast Enamine’s off-the shelf compound collection (Screening Collection) and Enamine’s explored virtual chemical space for drug-like structures (REAL Database™),  in combination with the powerful in-house chemoinformatics and molecular modeling, enables an exceptionally efficient iterative screening, making it possible to step forward from in silico screening sets to the lead generation stage in weeks.

High Throughput Screening & ADME-Tox Services

HTS Lab at Bienta is a well-equipped screening facility with a broad range of robotic liquid handling and signal readout technology capabilities as well as the capacity to run both biochemical and cell-based assays in 384-well plate format. Bioanalytical Lab is established to provide all common in vitro ADMET tests as well as analytical support of pharmacokinetics and animal tox services.

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News & Events

Bienta at MIPTEC 2017 in Basel

Researchers from Bienta/Enamine presented a poster during MIPTEC exhibition’2017 in Basel, Switzerland: “Reduced cardiotoxicity of spiro-tetrahydropyran bupivacaine analogues”. The goal of this study was to create active structural analogs of bupivacaine with reduced general and cardiotoxicity due to in silico modifications designed to affect their interaction with Nav1.5 channel, which is believed to be the main target of bupivacaine toxicity. Poster Basel...


Sergey Zozulya, V.P. Biology at Enamine, will be a speaker at the 4th year of the Summer Prague School ADVANCES IN DRUG DISCOVERY. Drug Discovery and Development from basic research through preclinical to clinical phases. The event will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, September 4-8, 2017. Topics to be covered this year: Target discovery General chemical approaches –...

Integrative Biology and Medicine Conference in Kyiv, October 2-7, 2017

The new Integrative Biology and Medicine Conference will be held in Kyiv, October 2-7, 2017.  Main topics of the conference are bioinformatics, systems biology, evolution and personalized medicine, and the idea behind is an integrative approach to understanding of life and disease.  Top scientists from a variety of biomedical research areas from 10 countries (USA, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Estonia and Ukraine) are expected...

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