Repeated dose toxicity study is usually conducted with the aim to determine the specific dose (MTD, or NOAEL) after repeated dosage. Treatment design and duration both depend on a therapeutic treatment schedule. The study design includes 1-3 tested doses per route in animals of both sexes, 6-10 animals per each group. On average, 30 animals and 30 working days are required for this study. A customized design is also available.

Pathology-specific side effects investigation:

– observations of clinical signs of toxicity

– hematology

– clinical chemistry

– behavior

– metabolic values

– customized parameters.

Deliverable: A  detailed  study  report  including  full  description  of study design, analytical method development, calculations of  all  common PK parameters and PK graphs. Raw experimental data are available upon request.

Sample Submission: Dry compound or compound in a pre-made animal dosing formulation. Amounts depend on the dosing levels. For acute toxicology study in group of 30 mice at 10 mg/kg, approximately 10 mg of compound is required.