Animal Studies

In order to continue expanding our services in preclinical toxicology and animal efficacy models, in 2016 Bienta launched the on-site laboratory for in vivo studies in rodents.  This new animal facility allowed us to facilitate communication between departments and researchers involved in the drug discovery process.  Our nearest plans include the development of an array of preclinical toxicology studies, including reproduction toxicology, safety pharmacology, photosafety.  We are also working on the development of animal models for biological screening of specific activity, such as rodent efficacy models for the therapeutic areas of anti-infectives, inflammation and pain.

Bienta/Enamine Animal Work Statement

Animal studies


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Molecular Screening (HTS) services

The main purpose of the Screening Group is to provide hit identification and hit-to-lead optimization contract services to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. We are also open to discuss shared-risk exploratory hit finding projects with the industry or academic partners… (more…)

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In silico modeling and chemoinformatics

Integration of our powerful resources, comprehensive cheminformatics, molecular modeling, and computational biology expertise, with the deep knowledge and creativity in medicinal chemistry enables broad opportunities for fast-paced early-stage drug discovery projects… (more…)

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