From 16.08.2016 to 16.09.2016, Bienta was honoured to host Dr. Alain Géloën, a visiting scientist from University of Lyon, CarMeN Laboratory, INSA de Lyon, France, under the two ongoing Horizon 2020 projects,  Peptidomimetics with photocontrolled biological activity, and Carbon-based nano-materials for theranostic application.  Alain performed an exciting research using a novel tomographic Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer microscope . Using the microscope, Alain managed to track the fate of carbon-based nanoparticles in cancer cell cultures, as well as made real-time observations of the cell response to the action of the photocontrolled antibiotics. This unprecedented new technology allowes to look into the live cells without damaging them, enabling marker-free and real-time imaging on single cells, cell cultures, cell multilayers and tissue slices.